30) PELEG: Was the earth (continents) divided in the days of Peleg? What does this mean for the theory of evolution?

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  1. John Zuniga says:

    Good research
    I like the way you combine science and scripture thanks

  2. BobaFrett says:

    What on earth are you talking about? You are a madman. You’re mashing together many scientific concepts which you struggle to comprehend with religious doctrines which you believe without question.

    Each one of your statements is unbalanced and shifted towards your own belief. Take an early example about continental drift:

    “Which one will we believe? An unseen, unproven, man-made theory…” (i.e. a scientific, witnessed, proven series of facts documented by scores of specialists in their field) “…or the Word of the Lord and his prophets?” (i.e. a series of allegorical man-made stories written in a period when people were trying to make sense of the world around them). Your inference is that we should believe the latter.

    I urge you to think for yourself. Yes, there may be an all powerful superbeing that created the known universe but biblical stories are not proof of this. When translating the imaginings of ancient authors into modern day thinking try not to take everything that you read at face value. Remember an Egyptian ‘week’ was actually 10 days, Noah lived to the unlikely age of 950 years old, and a God ‘day’ may not mean 24 hours but perhaps 500 million years.

  3. Thomas says:

    There are some additional scriptures you could probably add to your thesis. When Christ visits America, he tells the people of the earth being wrapped together as a scroll (3 Nephi 26:3). Mormon and then Moroni both later refer to this using the word rolled as a scroll (Mormon 5:23 & Mormon 9:2). These seems very likely to be references to this same process of rolling back the continents, or restoring the earth to its paradisaical state (AofF 1:10). If so, these verses would add the testimony of our Lord and two additional prophets to your hypothesis.

    Another thought. We do not necessarily have to claim science to be “wrong” and scripture as “right”, as if we were at war. Rather, we as mortals are seeking to understand the heavenly record (scripture) and the earthly record (geology). As we approach each humbly, we will be taught, according to that which we are willing to receive. The day could come that we learned that radiometric dates have somehow been impacted by things such as the increase in entropy that left us with decade-scale lifespans compared to the former century-scale lifespans of the early Patriarchs from Adam to Noah.

    To me, it seems completely possible that much truth has been given to noble and honorable scientists who loved good and sought truth over the ages. It seems completely possible that God has just withheld a few keys of knowledge which allow the debate on the age of the earth and origins to continue, while it is a blessing to his children, as they choose their eternal path.

  4. Timothy Loveridge says:

    My problem with people in the LDS church saying that the earth was divided in a very short amount of time is that this does not line up with the geological record at all, first of all, continental drift is an observable phenomenon, thru satellite imaging we can see that the continents are drifting apart at about 1 inch per year, or at the same rate at which your fingernails grow.
    We understand why this is, looking at maps that detail the ocean floor we can see that there is what appears to be a seam in the Atlantic ocean, it is due to plate tectonics that the continents are drifting apart, the plates are driven by magma pushing them, as the magma comes to the surface it cools, if we were to take some samples of rock from the seam of the Atlantic ocean we can test it to see how much Argon and Potassium there is, if it is from the seam there will be almost zero Argon, meaning that the rock at the seam is between 0-3000 years old, as you go out from the seam the ratios of Argon to Potassium increase, all the way up to the shores of both continents, and it is a fairly steady and persistent increase, when you date the rock close to the shores they come out to closely 300 million years, if we also look at the magnetic lines in the ocean floor we can also see that the polarity of the earth’s magnetic field has switched many times during that 300 million year period.

    There are many other ways that we have proofs for the continental drift theory (fauna/flora, etc.).

    So my problems with stating that the continents drifted apart in a single humans lifetime, even if that person lived to be a thousand years old is this.

    1: The Potassium/Argon ratios steadily increase as we go from the seam out, if this were performed in a single generation the ratio would be constant throughout the rocks on the ocean floor.

    2: Visible known phenomenon of the continents drifting apart agrees with the Potassium/Argon dating method.

    (The radioactive isotope 40K decays with a half-life of 1.248×10^9 years to 40Ca and 40Ar. Conversion to stable 40Ca occurs via electron emission (beta decay) in 89.1% of decay events. Conversion to stable 40Ar occurs via electron capture in the remaining 10.9% of decay events. The reason that Potassium to Argon dating is the best known method we have for dating rock is that Argon is a gas, Potassium is a mineral, as Potassium decays into argon the argon escapes the molten magma, leaving only Potassium, but as the rock cools it seals in any argon, therefor you do not need to know the starting amount of Potassium, any amount will do, you only need to know the ratios between the two and you can get a date, with in a couple thousand years.)

  5. Jeff says:

    What a blessing it is to have modern Prophets with the revelation in the Doctrine and Covenant 133:23-24 to help us understand more fully what is meant in Genesis 10:25 that in the days of Peleg the earth was divided. With modern revelation it helps us utilize the truth from other sources. For example, one other point in the apocrypha in the book of Jasher 7:19-20 it states: “19 …and to Eber were born two children, the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the sons of men were divided… 20 And the name of the second was Yoktan, meaning that in his day the lives of the sons of men were diminished and lessened..” It is interesting to note that the lives of the early Patriarchs were cut in half after this period of time, when you research their ages, which gives further evidence of the changes on the earth at that point in time. I believe we must gain a testimony of the words of the Prophets, on the magnificent changes that have taken place on the earth, by the Power of the Holy Ghost.

  1. May 27, 2012

    […] Long before science had conceived of the idea of Pangaea, or an original state of the earth with all the continents joined together in one land mass, the Word of the Lord declared that such was the case. Much later science began to see signs that this was indeed the case. Now this is an accepted theory in scientific circles. For a discussion of what this means to the age of the earth please see the FAQ on this subject. […]

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